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The Countess

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Boxer dogs are a popular canine breed among families with little children, because of their patience and friendliness with them. They are energetic, bright, and playful. They tend to get very attached to their family and are fiercely protective of them. The boxer dogs are noble in their own manner and deserve to be treated in a similar manner.

If you are looking for a present for your sweet and loyal pet, we can help you out. The Countess Pet Portrait is an ideal Boxer dog gift. Because of their protective and authoritative nature, they resemble the royal Countess of the Renaissance period. Thus, the Countess pet portrait is the perfect wall art canvas print for Boxer dog lovers and owners. They are not only ideal for Boxer dogs but make great custom dog gifts for other dog breeds as well.

Other than dogs, you can also use these portraits as gifts for cats, horses, ferrets, or guinea pigs. These renaissance pet portraits can look great on all animals. They also work as memorial gifts for pets who have passed away. If you know someone who is mourning the death of a pet, gifting them a customised portrait of their pet is a thoughtful gesture. It might help the family in overcoming the grief and can mean a lot to them.

These digital pet portraits are the modern alternative of traditional pet oil paintings. Unlike the traditional paintings of pets, they take lesser time to develop and have various customization options. You can choose your own Renaissance character and pick a size that suits your need. They need no effort on your part. All you need to do is to send us a photograph of your charming pet. Once the portrait is ready, we will deliver the portrait right at your home.

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