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Return Policy

You will always receive a preview by email after you place an order. You can ask for unlimited revisions of the portrait.

Nothing will be printed without your approval. The artwork will not be sent to production until you are satisfied with the preview. If you are not satisfied by the portrait, you can cancel your order and get 100% money back.

Once you confirm that you like the preview, the portrait will be sent to our printing partners. In case you ordered a digital product, the final digital product will be delivered to you. From this moment, your order is confirmed and you will not be able to cancel it anymore.

You are only eligible for a full refund until the approval of the preview. Once we receive approval to proceed forward with the current preview of the artwork, you cannot request a refund, even if you ordered a digital copy.

Since each of our custom product is unique and highly personalized, we do not accept returns.

If you provided a wrong shipping address and the parcel cannot be delivered to you for this reason, we will not accept the return and your parcel will be a Dead Letter. You will not receive any refund and we will not be able to ship you the portrait to a new address.

If you received a damaged product or a wrong product, please reach out to with pictures of the product and the packaging within 48 hours upon receiving your order.